106 1st St. East, Stewartville, MN, 55976 
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Business Hours:
Open 6 Days
Monday: Closed
Tuesday~Saturday: 11:00am~9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00am~9:00pm
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Dine in

Ratings 59 people have voted


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Reviewed by: jacquiefricker on: 2019/1/11 10:52:52
We love this place. Always fresh and hot!
Reviewed by: ssundee on: 2016-09-06
Egg rolls are the greatest!
Reviewed by: mikey on: 2016-09-06
Greatest food in town!
Reviewed by: mike on: 2016-09-06
Greatest food in town!
Reviewed by: mike on: 2016-09-06
Greatest food in town!
Reviewed by: ssundee on: 2016-09-06
Great food. They all taste great.
Reviewed by: Alvin.Dong4410 on: 2015-09-23
They are awesome serving the best very nice awesome!
Reviewed by: Alvin.Dong4410 on: 2015-09-08
Best Chinese food around the crabrangoon are yummy😃😃😃
Reviewed by: rypstra.leah on: 2015-08-18
Love, love, love this place!! The owners are amazing and the food is yummy! We come here very oft
Reviewed by: inaraof786 on: 2014-11-16
This restaurant advertized they deliver around some designated areas, well I happened to work around one of their delivery designated area and when I had first ordered their foor, first they will lie to you regarding the total price you will have ordered from the menu to changing it to your surprise!!I have always had the worst experience with this restaurant, no proper customer skills, no no proffessional management skills,no good services they expect you to portray their flyers in your company to profit them customers and business but they will not expect to negotiate at least a discount since we are the ones who will give them business..lol!! Their food is not even that amazing and they carry on thinking they are A-1 in town, well I have news for them , the answer is " they suck"!!I have called other chinese restaurants that deliver in that same area they are at, but never ever had any issues with any of them , always worked in discounts with us since we aree also helping them with their flyers, always proffesional always in time ,food is awesome and warn, always carry on a great attitude which will make you go back to them and give them business. I will never ever recommend this place to anyone, there is a reason as to why they are opened on a "SUNDAY" while the rest are closed on a holiday . Anyone would agree
Reviewed by: colleennagel on: 2014-08-28
We LOVE eating here. The food is fantastic and the service is outstanding :)
Reviewed by: kdb on: 2014-04-18
Eat there every week. It's the best!
Reviewed by: afseth on: 2013-09-06
Very, very good food, everything was freshly made and extremely great taste. I will definitely recommend this restaurant and try it again myself. Great service too!!!!
Reviewed by: Rasmug98 on: 2013-01-06
They serve the BEST egg rolls I have ever eaten here. Also, the Dragon & Phoenix dish is awesome!